April 3rd, 2018
Jefferson City, Missouri
Missouri's Child Advocacy Day
36th Anniversary
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Child Advocate Award Recipients

We are proud to recognize these award recipients:

2017 Donna Scheidt, Kelly Schultz, Lisa Greening, Cindy Reese
2016 Lori Behrens, Pat Dillon, Abigail Sapp
2015 Rich Patton, Gary Northrip, Simone A. Bernstein
2014 Karen Berding and Trish Taddeucci
2013 Francey Ericson and Tom Rose
2012 Shelly Blecha and Debbie Thrasher
2011 Sue Stepleton and Sam Schissler
2010 Ron Jackson, Joyce Strother
2009 Senator Charlie Shields
2008 Beth Griffin, Corrine Patton, Deborah Scott
2007 Dr. Monica Ultmann
2006 Representative Margaret Donnelly and Vince Hillyer
2005 Senator Michael Gibbons and Anna Stone
2004 Sisters Berta Sailer and Corita Bussanmas and Mark Steward
2003 Representative Kate Hollingsworth, Dwayne Crompton
2002 Representative Vicky Riback Wilson, Missouri Veterans
2001 State Senator Roseanne Bentley, Kathy Thornburg, Peggy Pearl
2000 State Representative Patrick Dougherty
1999 Representative Steve Gaw
1998 State Representative Sue Shear
1997 No Award Given Due to Inclement Weather
1996 Governor Mel Carnahan
1995 Senator Joe Mosley
1994 Lynn Lyss and Keith Schafer
1993 Gary Stangler
1992 State Senator Phil Curls
1991 Citizens for Missouri’s Children
1990 U.S. Senator Christopher S. Bond
1989 Marie Williams
1988 Representative Kate H. Stienmetz
1987 Senator Roger B. Wilson
1986 No records available
1985 Representative Bob Griffin